February 11, 2008

D@M# Writer's Strike!!!

For those of you who don't know, my favorite show - maybe ever - is Supernatural on the CW. I love that show, I love those two boys and I LOVE that ridiculously hot '67 Impala!! I found myself thinking today what I might do if that show were cancelled. Yes, I'm going there and it's killing me ;-)... I was reading a news story about a hopeful end to the writer's strike. I learned something very disturbing... It seems that some shows - even though they were picked up for a certain number of episodes this season - may not finish the season because of production times and such... BOO I say, BOOO! Why should we be made to suffer because the writer's walked out? Anyhow, I went on to read that some of these shows may not even get picked up for next season if they are lower rated shows - REALLY!?!?! Some of these shows - Supernatural included - are great shows that just have a crappy time slot (SERIOUSLY, you're going to put the best show you've got against CSI and Grey's Anatomy - great thinking CW, way to give a show a chance!!!). All these years invested in a show and we may not even get to hear the end of the story??? What's that about????? How can the very people who depend on us for their livelihood screw us over so easily? You would think they'd bend over backwards to make up for the last three months of crap reruns and having mind-dulling reality TV shoved down our throats. I guess it's always about the bottom line. OK, I got on my soapbox for a bit - sorry!I've put too much thought into this, huh???

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