February 20, 2008

Oh, the wacky things we do...

Growing up, I remember my mom joking with my dad. She'd look at him with an impish grin and say "The only man I'd ever leave you for is Kenny Rogers." I thought this was oddly hilarious since my mom is a very conservative, loyal woman who would never even think of stepping out. It turns out, this apple didn't fall far from the tree. I now have my very own celebri-crush. Yes folks, I have lost my mind... Nowadays, I look at my husband (with the same devilish grin my mom has), and say "The only man I'd ever leave you for is Jensen Ackles." :-) (For the record, I will never leave my husband.) Luckily, Roy is a very understanding man!! So understanding, in fact, that when we went to Plano, TX this weekend for our anniversary, he was the Bill to my Ted - and it was indeed an excellent adventure...
Who is this Jensen Ackles and what is so special about him, you may ask? He is an actor on my favorite show: Supernatural on the CW. I first noticed his acting a few years ago when the show started - he's the best I've seen on TV in years. Then it hit me one day: this guy is crazy hot! For real, it's ridiculous how beautiful the man is... He's also a southern boy, which makes him even hotter. He was raised in Richardson, TX - another suburb of Dallas, just south and east of Plano. Curiosity (and severe boredom) got the best of me one night not too long ago, and I decided to see if the elder Ackles' were listed. They still live in the Dallas area after all. There they were on Anywho - address, phone number and all! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!
Fast forward to last Friday. Roy and I drove into Plano that night looking forward to finally getting away for a bit. Whenever we get the chance to go out of town for the weekend, we always choose Plano because we both love the vibe there.
We got up Saturday morning and went to this great little "Mom and Pop" restaurant for breakfast. We finished eating and that's when my crazy came out. I looked at Roy and said, "you know, we're not far from where Jensen's parents live." My darling, sweet, looney husband just smiled and said, "where is it?" I was nauseous, flustered and exhilarated all in the same moment. Fortunately, I always have my handy iPhone with Google maps so I'm ready in a moment's notice to find any destination on the planet. So I Google the address and off we went to stalk my celebri-crush. It was uneventful, we didn't see anyone and I barely looked at the house as we drove past the first time (that's right, I said the FIRST TIME). I just knew that someone would see us and know that we did not belong in that neighborhood... Roy got such a kick out of my embarrassment. I think he had more fun that I did. He got a taste of what girls do when they have a crush - seriously, who hasn't driven by a boy's house hoping to catch a glimpse??? Anyhow, we did our thing the rest of that day and had a great time. The next day we were out and about when Roy looked at me with a huge grin and said, "Jensen's house isn't far from here." I almost wet my pants laughing as he turned to drive by again. This time I took a better look, but was still freaking out - I swear I thought someone was going to make us! :-)
You think that was bananas - just wait... Not only did we drive by his house - we found his High School too! I know, right - we are "dingo ate my baby crazy!" haha
We came home on Monday (thanks to a President's Day vacation day!), but not before Roy suggested driving by once more. REALLY - three times! Of course we did not see anyone during any of those drive-bys, but it was a hoot. Roy and I had more fun together on this trip than we've had in months; maybe longer.
So what is the moral to this story? I didn't really have one. Come to think of it, I was rambling on a bit. If I have to have a moral, it would be this: do something crazy once in a while. Even if you think you might get arrested. Call it family bonding...
PS - If anyone who knows Jensen happens upon this blog, please do not call the cops. We mean you no harm! I swear we were just having fun!!! :-)

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